Sunday, April 6, 2014

Inspiration: Home Interior

I think that in another life I would have been an interior designer, because it is just huge fun to decorate, select colours and home accessories. Of course, it's so much easier spending other people's money on things like expensive vases, designer pieces and lamps but I've found that depending on a certain budget makes you much more creative in your decisions. And of course, being a crafty person can make your home a very special place with lots of beautiful pieces which nobody else has. So I am currently living out this interior-design-gene of mine and plan how to furnish my new flat, which happens to be available next sunday. I guess I have not yet realized what a huge step this will be for me, since it's my very first own place to live. So I am very excited and yet a bit terrified about how this will work out in the end. We'll see.  
Anyways, I have lots of ideas in my head which I try to bring about resting upon limited space and money. So far everything has been going peachy and I was able to buy the main furniture last week, tearing a huge hole in my wallet. But if having a place for myself is the goal this is worth every cent. As I always say Pinterest is a perfect inspiration source when it comes to crafting, furnishing, clothes...actually everything you can think of. So before I developed my plans I naturally went there first to find some ideas on what would fit together. I came up with this:

Saturday, March 29, 2014

DIY Simple Jewellery Set

I am really enjoying my free time at the moment, just before I am about to move into a new flat. Actually my first flat and I am as excited as I can be. I mean, furnishing can be so much fun! Choosing colours, furniture, decoration...that makes spending a lot of money a lot less painful, although it's not so very exciting to buy a washing machine. Washing machines are no fun, because, who actually likes to do the laundry and iron? Anyways, besides learning just how much stuff you need when moving in (Clothes pegs? Whisk? Dustbin?) and spending my time at work I try to do some creative things. My new flat will actually benefit from these, you'll see.
Now to this post: At the beginning of this year I have made a post about some projects I wanted to do in the following months to come and I finally had some time to do this one here. As I said before I really like simple and clean jewellery, especially in gold. And this set is so easy to craft!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Style Sheet: Men's Spring Style

 1 Laundered Chambray Shirt | 2 CANTEEN Contrast Effect Chelsea Boot | 3 Levi's® 511 SLIM | 4 Grant Chronograph Stainless Steel Watch | 5 Original Wayfarer | 6 Goosecraft Leather Jacket

So it may seem a little odd to you that I am suddenly posting men’s fashion after crafting girly stuff all the time. Fact is, I like a bit of diversion sometimes and who does not like a well-dressed man? And there are so many possibilities from shirts to leather jackets (love those) to shoes…So if the male counterpart in your life wants to go shopping with you for the next time, maybe you’ll have this kind of outfit in mind. I’m almost a hundred percent sure that I will hear some sort of response to this post (and this person may feel directly addressed right now). Hope you are inspired!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

DIY Hair Ribbon

Inspired by a tutorial I saw on one of my favourite Blogs (Mr. Kate – worth a visit!) I decided to make my own version which could be called a little bit more complicated for it takes more time and intuition, but I am a person who does not really trust the glue. Take some of your grandma's old buttons, single pearls and whatever you find and think is beautiful - everything can be used.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Fashion Love: 86th Annual Academy Awards


So I've been away for over a month now, wow. Well not really away, but sort of occupied with a lot of things like studying, writing exams, papers, doing an internship...I feel like I kind of abandoned my creative vein a bit. But, there is always a time to come back and craft again and that is what I want to do over the next weeks.
I have to admit that part of me always wanted to be a celebrity, not for the attention but for the galas and red carpet moments (funny when you think that I'm really not photogenic), especially for the part where you dress up to the nines and wear beautiful gowns. I really had that just one time in my life and I kind of regret not wearing that dress more often, it's just perfect. So I have to settle for seeing other people wear gowns I would want to wear, which comes about being fun as well. Take the Oscar Night - a perfect occasion to see some beautifully dressed people:
                                   (images via

My overall impression: So much sheer fabric, lace details and floral motifs. And pale colours, which I really like (but just cannot wear). And my favourite outfit? Emma Watson never fails to amaze me!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

DIY Leather Wrap Bracelet

Again this is a project I wanted to do for ages. Ages. It just sat there in the corner of my mind (or better on a page of my notebook), waiting to be materialized. But you know how these things come, other projects fit better and then time goes by and then…well. And then I had to find the right leather in the fitting colour and the studs needed to be shipped from China (that made me think a bit actually), but finally I had everything at hand and then the whole crafting only took me about 30 minutes. So it’s basically a really simple DIY, but with the right materials can look quite precious and expensive. And I mean that. Such a bracelet can easily cost 30 Euros; at least it does in my favourite boutique. What a wonderful thing to be a crafty person or have a crafty person in your circle of friends! 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

2014: Things to come

The beginning of a new year is often the opportunity to start fresh into your life, widen your horizons, make plans and changes. Yes, a new year is always a good place to start something, may it be the resolution to finally start at this fitness club just around the corner or the strong will to quit smoking (okay, these are clichés). Or it may be just the small changes that will have an impact on your life in the following year – learning to be patient, trying to enjoy every single day of the week, making time for yourself even if it’s just for an hour or living in the moment without thinking of tomorrows duties. There’s an endless list of things I would like to do and maybe try to change in 2014 and I will definitely remind myself to work on them.
Which brings me to the actual reason for this post: Lately if been very busy with studying, Christmas occupations and a hell load of other stuff so there wasn’t much time to do anything at all concerning my project of heart. Which certainly does not mean I am not planning and plotting out things which I would like to do the moment I finally have time for them. What all this has got to do with new year’s and this post is the following: I always have a few ideas in store for later projects and all these things I have seen which I would like to do myself and at the begin of this still rather fresh year I wanted to share a few of these ideas with you and perhaps explain at a point how you could do them yourself (before I do them).