Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Things I Love: June

Time is running as it seems, and this sort of post always reminds me just how fast it is running these days. I mean, you always have a certain timetable for your week (well, I do) and you organize certain things around appointments you have to attend; like university seminars for me and work for most of the people, and the things you seem to always do at the same time. Like sports when you have a gym membership, or, I don’t know weekly meetings with a friend. And all the other things like hobbies you do the rest of the time, if you hopefully have enough of it. As I am the greatest creature of habit, this is actually my life, and it is sometimes difficult to break out of these habits, as healthy as it is. Sorry, I am getting lost again on something else entirely.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

DIY Miniature Succulent Vases

Time for some new material! I am currently fully absorbed in my notes and my text, and the work is doing great although I fear I will be working more on pruning the argumentation in the end, which is really a sad thing for this topic is a hell of fruitful and I guess I could write a whole book about it. Are you familiar with this feeling at the beginning of writing a seminar paper, of the fear of never getting together enough pages? That you could actually explain the whole thing in just two sentences? I don’t know that feeling. I love writing, and this is my greatest advantage and disadvantage in this whole procedure. But other than that, I am getting along pretty great.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Fashion Love: Kaviar Gauche

It is yet time again to write about a passion of mine; aside from making things I also like to look at nice things and I especially admire well-crafted clothing (and I secretly envy fashion designers although I’d never want to trade with them). In this time of fast changing trends I always find it difficult to find your own style, and I think that the own choice of favourite designer can say a lot about you and how you see fashion. Maybe I’m getting a little too deep on a light subject, but I like to think that my favourite designers reflect my personal look (or what I am trying to look like when I don’t actually have the money for buying my favourite designers’ stuff).

Sunday, June 14, 2015

DIY Greek Goddess Earrings

Hey guys! I promised to keep on working on this favourite project of mine, and it looks like I can keep my promise. It actually proves to be a bit difficult, but I’m not letting myself and of course you down. The world of crafting things and seeing beautiful pieces and clothes is just too interesting for me to just lay it aside (what would I do without it?).

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Things I Love: May

Hello there, I’m back! Back from ten days of sun, ocean breeze, beach, cocktails, relaxation, good food…So basically I’m back from ten days of pure heaven. And while I was gone to left 10 degrees behind, the weather started to change and voilà: Fine weather when I arrived at the airport. Can you wish for more? I actually looked forward to coming home again, it’s always like that with me. Because after ten days with a basically empty mind (nothing haunting me during my vacation, I made sure of that) I slowly started to crave some activity again, naturally in a creative way, but I also started to think about all the work I left behind. Work work, namely my bachelor thesis. So I have to say at this point again, my work on the blog (the good work) sadly has to take a backseat to leave time for writing the real stuff (the bad work). But I promise you and myself, I am definitely making an effort to continue blogging during that time, after all this here is where I relax.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

DIY Upcycling: Studded Sneakers

New week, new DIY project! Summer has fully arrived here in the city, with me enjoying the sun from time to time, packed ice cream shops and people showing off their white and hairy legs. Personally I’m actually not ready to do that, so I content myself with rolling up my trouser legs and wearing sandals or sneakers. And as someone tall enough and not trained enough to wear high-heeled shoes all the time, I still enjoy wearing the sneakers I have bought about 5 years ago (and they are still, surprisingly, in a good shape).