Monday, March 2, 2015

DIY Braided Shirt Necklace

I guess there’s no denying it- I have let the one thing slide that makes the most fun in my life. But I guess there is also no reason to regret things (I could have done more, yes), and since this this sort of my hobby there is no need to stress myself. And another but: Let’s forget about my absence and start fresh.

Soo, I have a little time at hand since university rests for some time (yay) and I only have to write one more term paper, which is about eroticism in early cinema, but that’s a different story. Anyway, I can finally do some things for myself and start working on all this stuff I have lurking in my head and lying around in my cupboards. But since creating stuff and making blog posts about it takes some time I thought I could draw on things I made a while ago and haven’t published so far, and I came upon this little project I crafted for a good friend of mine. It was for her birthday actually and I think she quite liked it, so you have to like it, too.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Some more wintery inspiration: DIY Advent Time Decoration

I have promised you, no almost threatened you that Christmas and Advent-posts would be coming and, well hey, time is running guys and I have already bought most of my Christmas decoration. Although I surely will be borrowing a few things from my mother. And since Christmas time has almost arrived on our doorstep, I thought it would be good to start a little research for the 'late' ones among us and look for some inspiration (not me, I dream about Christmas decoration at the moment). Because one thing is sure: I have my own realm now and am ready to exploit every single bit of space I can find for Christmas bulbs, elves, ornaments and whatnot. And lights! In a tasteful way of course. So anyway, I think I already have all the ideas for my apartment in my head, but I thought it would fun to look for some inspiration for future years. Here goes:

The Advent wreath

So that's the history behind the custom: In 1839 the protestant theologist and educator Johann Hinrich Wichern, who administered to a few poor children, decided to move with them into an old farmhouse to  guide them. Since in Advent time the children would constantly ask him how long it would be until Christmas, Wichern took an old cartwheel and with 20 red and 4 big white candles built the first Advent wreath, so the children could count the days until Christmas eve. This tradition survived until today, evolving from a simple cartwheel to a wreath with fir sprigs in 1860 and only four candles.

Of course, today there are many more options to create such a Christmas symbol, it does not always have to be the roundly shaped wreath and the decoration possibilities are surely endless. I personally like a more linear arrangement of the candles, and a mixture of fir, holly and other evergreen plants. The less the better! Maybe just a few cones and tiny Christmas bulbs in a colour matching to the candles. I always go for the (sadly, expensive) rustic ones, but they're just better. 
However, there are many more ways to style your wreath, and lucky for us the Internet can offer so much inspiration:

Some very nice ideas indeed. Of course I will show you my version of the Advent wreath some time in the next weeks, so stay tuned for that!

The Advent calendar

The Advent calendar is a Christian custom dating back to the 19th century, serving as a timekeeper to count the days until the birth of baby Jesus. The first self-made calendar probably dates back to 1851, the first forms coming out of  protestant surroundings. Back then families used to hang up 24 pictures to the wall or drew chalk lines to the door, which would be wiped out for every day passing. Today you can buy Advent calendars everywhere; they're normally made for kids (with chocolate or other sweets), but of course there are adult versions out there. The best ones (in my opinion) are however the self-made ones, and naturally there are like a million ideas how to craft one. Here are a few:

Christmas decoration

And then there's the rest of the decoration for Advent time, a whole range of trinkets, little figures and ornaments, window pictures, special flowers, holiday lights... I guess everyone has his own way of decorating, maybe more, maybe less. Here is some inspiration again:

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Wintery Inspiration: Scarves

So. Against my very firm conviction I would manage to do a lot more creative work, another one or two months have passed and I am very sorry. Especially to myself, since creative work is so satisfying and an important way for me to relax. And I am sooo sad that I do not have enough time to put all these projects in my head (there are still a lot) into practice. This blog is still a hobby of mine, and unfortunately other things like studying and working have to come first. But I am surely not at the point to let all this go down the drain, it’s way too important for me.

That’s it for the apology- and self-pity-part. Now to the juicy stuff: Wintery temperatures always seem to kind of surprise me, and at first I’m rather reluctant to put my summer clothes (oh the dresses…) into storage and dig out the winter coats, sweaters, gloves and whatnot. On second thought I still don’t like the temperatures, but my body seems to scream: TEA! HOT CHOCOLATE! CUDDLING! And, I’m not very proud: CHRISTMAS TIME! Guess the supermarkets have their fun with me when they pack out their Christmas stuff in late September. I have already bought things for my Advent wreath in October and have some ideas for presents, and since I have my own space for the first time this year I am very excited to decorate it to death. Christmas tree, ornaments, cookies, the whole program. Beware! There are posts coming…

Since winter time requires proper protection from the cold (or God beware: the flu) a scarf is certainly a must-have for this time of the year. The thing with scarves is, there are a million ways to wear it and I find it rather hard to decide on first: Which kind of scarf to wear? And second: How? So I thought I’d do a bit of research and find some nice scarves and how to wear them. See for yourself:

Friday, September 26, 2014

DIY Fashion Wall Art

Here I am again! A few weeks have passed again since I have written the last time, days I spent celebrating my 22nd birthday (wonderful day with wonderful people), travelling to Hamburg with a dear friend for Reeperbahn Festival – such good music, I will write about that later – and of course working on my last and most important paper for Uni. I’m a bit exhausted I have to say, although I intend to have it finished by the end of next week my semester will start again on Monday after that. Sooo, some stressful semester break that was, I guess I need a break from that break. And the weather I slowly getting colder, leaving me with a cold apartment (my heater isn’t working) and the sudden want of hot chocolate, tea and curling up on the sofa. Since the supermarkets are already storing Christmas treats I am mentally heading straight towards my favourite time of the year. However, fall is coming first and no, I am not into pumpkin! Although there is one pumpkin soup I liked which my friend’s mother made once…aaanyway, now is the time when I am being home more often instead of outside, so it’s time to make my apartment comfy and realise some of my further ideas. There is one decoration project I did earlier this year, something very easy but looking so very great on my bedroom walls.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Fashion Love: Fall 2014 Trend Report

A trend, as in the sense of a fad, is a temporary thing one encounters when dealing with fashion matters whatever the sort. Some may say trends rule the minds of a large share of women, but one thing is for sure: Fashion industry is based on setting new trends and reinventing or even copying old trends. And another thing is certain: To follow all trends is close to impossible or requires a large purse, and it definitely takes a lot of endurance.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

DIY Golden Ring Cluster Necklace

If there is one thing you can count on always complaining about, it’s the weather. The funny thing is, when it’s rainy and cold outside (like yesterday, the day before...) you seem to forget the nice and hot days, which is rather sad. But I have to say that these were very few this year, and I’m still hopefully counting on a golden fall while most of my friends are enjoying their summer vacation. Anyway, I am kind of forced to stay inside (besides the mandatory trip to the grocery store and the few occasions I can eat with my family- yay, free food!) and when I am not working on my papers I’m trying to be kind of creative. Did a lot of hand-sewing over the last two weeks, crafting some jewellery and so on and came across a rather oldish project of mine which I haven’t posted online yet. Which is funny because there are another one or two I haven’t posted but worn on several times – I sometimes kind of forget to make a post about them and then move on to the next project (definitely have to change that!).

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Inspiration: The ideal birthday wish list

The act of giving and receiving gifts seems to be more important as a child than as an adult, or maybe it has shifted its meaning. I am thinking of the night before christmas when you are struggling to fall asleep, hoping for everything you wished for and then the moment you tear open the wrapping paper with that sparkle in your eyes - just to find socks or underwear. No I'm just kidding. But then you grow older and more worldly-wise and don't want to know anything of these childish things. What I mean is this (and I know it, too): Material gifts are not as important as non-material gifts and giving a present with a thought behind it is the best you can do. That's an ideal thought and very mature. As a child you have this exact picture in your head of something you want and you want to have it, but I think as I grow older I don't want anything in particular but rather something given to me that shows me that the person has thought about it and that I would like it and that it would fit to me, no matter what price. But that's just my opinion. Personally I am excited as a child when giving a self-made present to someone, and I still kinda fear they won't like it. 
Aaanyway, to come to a fairly related point: It is my birthday in about a month and I have been asked what I wanted as a present. My first thought was: I don't know what I want. My second: I don't really need anything. And my third: Okay, there are a few things I want, but I have a rather expensive taste for my student wage, so that's that. BUT: A girl can dream...and make an ideal birthday wish list.

Okay, that kind of took on a life of its own...but that's the advantage of virtual window shopping: you don't have to pay for anything! And I think you can see that I have a thing for gold...well.